Another Friday rolls around, and we’ve never FELLT so good. With MBFWA looming on just the other side of the weekend, the anticipation is palpable. It’s been a frantic week of preparation at Saveus HQ, no thanks to endless garment release forms, styling sheets and photo shoots. Fashion, baby!

Keep both eyes fixed on the Saveus Facebook page (and yours truly, the Saveusdiary) as we bring you all the latest from the Overseas Passenger Terminal. Something tells us we might just spot one or two familiar faces reppin’ Saveus, harbour side.

As always, we’re here to help you kick off the weekend with another of our old faithfuls. This track (all 10 minutes of it!) should keep you going until Monday. Watch out MBFWA – Saveus is coming.


What would you do without Saveus to catapult you into the weekend? We’re taking a little break from the bump ‘n’ grind of Drake to ease into something with more of an electronic feel. Enter Grimes. With boxes and boxes of new stock arriving at the Saveus Prism over the past week, this has been our go-to unpacking soundtrack.

For anyone out there thinking “well that’s a great song, but it’s not going to dress me for tomorrow’s wedding, or Sunday brunch,” never fear! What do we always say? Saveus has got you covered. If you haven’t already paid the Saveus Prism a visit, then you can’t possibly imagine what you’re missing out on. The second drop of our A/W “Everything, nothing.” collection is absolutely phenomenal. We (pinky) promise – you’ll be the jaw-dropping, head-turning, double-taking centre of attention if you step out in Saveus this weekend.


Time for your weekly dose of audio-visual pleasure. This Friday is brought to you by another of our repeat mixtape offenders, Drake. Not only does this track come with a whole heap o’ swagger, but we’re pretty keen on the underlying message, too (more so the part about seizing the day, not pimpin’).

For anyone feeling a little light on in the street cred department, Drake’s here to school you. Acronyms 101: YOLO! You only live once. A little something we like to try to keep in mind when big decisions come knocking. In the short term, give it a shot as we head into the weekend – you can start by snapping up that Saveus piece you’ve been umming and ahhing over.

Before we sign off for the weekend; our Facebook family is soooo close to 1500, that we can smell it. Nothing would be sweeter than seeing that number tick over come Monday morning….hint, hint!

You only live once, that’s the motto, n***a – YOLO!


Something tells us that it’s going to be a pretty epic weekend. We were feeling a little dispirited after missing Stockholm Street Style‘s Caroline Blomst when she was in town, so it’s time to make amends. Our Delta Maxi Dress’s dazzling debut at the premiere of The Hunger Games has whet our appetite – could it be time for another red carpet roll out? Mark our words; big things are coming for Saveus.

Feeling like you could use a little of our pep? Try giving this track a couple of run throughs.


Another Friday rolls around to mark the end of The Saveus Prism’s first week of residency at Westfield Sydney. We’ve celebrated with a housewarming, gossiped with our new neighbours, and the steady flow of visitors shows no sign of abating. We think we might just stick around…

After providing a killer soundscape for our launch night, Acid Stag has been on non-stop replay at Saveus HQ. The talented duo has a knack for mixing some pretty addictive beats – and hey, they’re not such bad guys, either! What’s more, their regular ‘Friday MixTape’ mashups make it perfectly clear that they share our deep-seeded appreciation for Fridays. Get an earful of office fave, mixtape #68, here.