What would you do without Saveus to catapult you into the weekend? We’re taking a little break from the bump ‘n’ grind of Drake to ease into something with more of an electronic feel. Enter Grimes. With boxes and boxes of new stock arriving at the Saveus Prism over the past week, this has been our go-to unpacking soundtrack.

For anyone out there thinking “well that’s a great song, but it’s not going to dress me for tomorrow’s wedding, or Sunday brunch,” never fear! What do we always say? Saveus has got you covered. If you haven’t already paid the Saveus Prism a visit, then you can’t possibly imagine what you’re missing out on. The second drop of our A/W “Everything, nothing.” collection is absolutely phenomenal. We (pinky) promise – you’ll be the jaw-dropping, head-turning, double-taking centre of attention if you step out in Saveus this weekend.


We’re just a little bit chuffed to be ringing in the new week on such a high note. After months of anticipation, Fashion.Music.Culture. has landed. Not only does this impressive new publication feature the holy trinity – fashion, music and culture (duh!) – but its debut issue shines a spotlight on our very own Saveus duo, Jarred Baker and Karima Hazim.

Packed with in-depth interviews, fashion, and even a definitive list of what’s on in the world of art, FMC is already making ripples. With their first issue focusing on “The Minimalist,” it’s no surprise that Saveus shines in an urban-feel editorial spread. Read on, and you’ll be given an insight into the evolution and forward momentum of Saveus in a candid interview with our designers. If you’ve been pondering what’s next, or how that name originated, then here‘s your chance to find out!

We urge you to keep an eye on this mag – we’re already hanging out for the next issue. Keep up to date by “liking” them on Facebook…after you’ve “liked” Saveus, of course.


To make up for our online absence over Easter, we’ve decided to let you in on a little Saveus secret. Are you ready for it?…….

Nothing, and we mean nothing, can top the head-bopping, spirit-lifting, utterly irrepressible beat of ‘212.’ Since it first came to our attention a few months back, this tongue-in-cheek wonder has enjoyed non-stop rotation at Saveus HQ. Not once has it failed to will us forward; whether it’s up and out of bed after a late-night meeting, onwards through a lengthy product shoot, or, not surprisingly, onto the dance floor. With the Saveus Facebook family sitting pretty less than 50 fans shy of the big 1500, we’re hoping it’ll work its magic once more. In Azealia’s own words: why you procrastinate, girl? Get sharing!

Without further ado, we give you a Wednesday hump day offering like no other. It does come with a teensy language warning.


Another Friday rolls around to mark the end of The Saveus Prism’s first week of residency at Westfield Sydney. We’ve celebrated with a housewarming, gossiped with our new neighbours, and the steady flow of visitors shows no sign of abating. We think we might just stick around…

After providing a killer soundscape for our launch night, Acid Stag has been on non-stop replay at Saveus HQ. The talented duo has a knack for mixing some pretty addictive beats – and hey, they’re not such bad guys, either! What’s more, their regular ‘Friday MixTape’ mashups make it perfectly clear that they share our deep-seeded appreciation for Fridays. Get an earful of office fave, mixtape #68, here.

Amy Winehouse.

Jarred and Karima were sitting at dinner while Karima was drawing a pattern onto the table cloth somewhere in District one of Saigon. You know, those restaurants where you can order an offensive sized plate of ribs, and get it all over your face and no one really cares? I digress… (The ribs rocked)

Anyway, the realisation that Amy Winehouse pretty much solidified the partnership and had not been played the whole month they’d lived in each others pockets shocked them.

The woman was such a talent, and the downward spiral, well… That was the most incredible waste of all.

RIP you poor lost soul. Thank you for being the soundtrack for the next few days, at the very least.