Forget Mondayitis; this could well be the most eager start to a week we’ve experienced in a long time, and it’s all thanks to our two favourite acronyms: MBFWA and FELLT.

In a bid to shake off our pre-Fashion Week jitters, the Saveus team humbly accepted our invitation to FELLT’s Friday popup party at Studio NEON. An eclectic backdrop of paint splattered cement and mismatched lounges set the mood, as we chatted all things MBFWA with our esteemed company. It’s clear that the girls of FELLT are in a league of their own, but, might we add; what an incredibly talented, down to earth league it is! To the lovely faces behind all of our favourite fashion blogs – Shine By Three, Zanita, Tuula, K is for Kani, Harper & Harley, Studded Hearts, Oracle Fox (and the regrettably absent Gary Pepper) – it was an absolute pleasure to meet you. Next time the honorary stylestalker DJ is dropping a beat, Saveus will be there. Or, if Bulmers and pizza is more your thing, then we’ve got a few places up our (meticulously tailored) sleeves.

In true blogger style, here are a few of our favourite Instagram snaps from the night. Full credit to Margaret Zhang of Shine By Three for images one and three:

The Saveus team has never FELLT so good!

Jessica Stein and Zanita Morgan; the fair-haired beauties behind Tuula and Zanita.

Saveus Art Director, Jarred Baker, and Head Designer, Karima Hazim, with the fashionable faces behind K is for Kani and Studded Hearts.

Saveus Creative Director, Jarred, alongside the luminous Zanita Morgan.


Another Friday rolls around, and we’ve never FELLT so good. With MBFWA looming on just the other side of the weekend, the anticipation is palpable. It’s been a frantic week of preparation at Saveus HQ, no thanks to endless garment release forms, styling sheets and photo shoots. Fashion, baby!

Keep both eyes fixed on the Saveus Facebook page (and yours truly, the Saveusdiary) as we bring you all the latest from the Overseas Passenger Terminal. Something tells us we might just spot one or two familiar faces reppin’ Saveus, harbour side.

As always, we’re here to help you kick off the weekend with another of our old faithfuls. This track (all 10 minutes of it!) should keep you going until Monday. Watch out MBFWA – Saveus is coming.

Maya’s Empire.

As the sun momentarily peered out from behind the clouds, we seized the opportunity to catch up with our gorgeous Facebook competition winner, Maya Ivanovic.

As you may recall, we played Easter Bunny when we gifted her the two-tone Empire Cape earlier this month – all for demonstrating her commitment to the Saveus Facebook family. This collection standout offers an instant lift to any outfit. Don’t just take our word for it, though; see for yourself!

Maya, you look absolutely stunning!

If you can compose yourself for long enough to ward off your mounting fashion envy, head over to The Grand Social, and make it yours today. After something with even more “pop?” The Empire Cape is now available in show-stopping red, exclusively at the Saveus Prism.


What would you do without Saveus to catapult you into the weekend? We’re taking a little break from the bump ‘n’ grind of Drake to ease into something with more of an electronic feel. Enter Grimes. With boxes and boxes of new stock arriving at the Saveus Prism over the past week, this has been our go-to unpacking soundtrack.

For anyone out there thinking “well that’s a great song, but it’s not going to dress me for tomorrow’s wedding, or Sunday brunch,” never fear! What do we always say? Saveus has got you covered. If you haven’t already paid the Saveus Prism a visit, then you can’t possibly imagine what you’re missing out on. The second drop of our A/W “Everything, nothing.” collection is absolutely phenomenal. We (pinky) promise – you’ll be the jaw-dropping, head-turning, double-taking centre of attention if you step out in Saveus this weekend.

Tuesday gossip.

Just when you think you’re all set to take autumn in your stride, a day like today pops up to (quite literally) rain on your parade.

Fear not; the team over at THE ICONIC have things covered on this dismal Tuesday morning. If you haven’t already subscribed to their newsletter, then here’s a taste of what you’re missing:

You spotted it; that’s the Saveus Gossip Vest sitting pretty in the number one spot on the winter wishlist! If the fashion savvy folks at THE ICONIC are lusting after it, then you know it’s worth having. Snap it up here before it becomes another sell-out.

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We’re just a little bit chuffed to be ringing in the new week on such a high note. After months of anticipation, Fashion.Music.Culture. has landed. Not only does this impressive new publication feature the holy trinity – fashion, music and culture (duh!) – but its debut issue shines a spotlight on our very own Saveus duo, Jarred Baker and Karima Hazim.

Packed with in-depth interviews, fashion, and even a definitive list of what’s on in the world of art, FMC is already making ripples. With their first issue focusing on “The Minimalist,” it’s no surprise that Saveus shines in an urban-feel editorial spread. Read on, and you’ll be given an insight into the evolution and forward momentum of Saveus in a candid interview with our designers. If you’ve been pondering what’s next, or how that name originated, then here‘s your chance to find out!

We urge you to keep an eye on this mag – we’re already hanging out for the next issue. Keep up to date by “liking” them on Facebook…after you’ve “liked” Saveus, of course.


Time for your weekly dose of audio-visual pleasure. This Friday is brought to you by another of our repeat mixtape offenders, Drake. Not only does this track come with a whole heap o’ swagger, but we’re pretty keen on the underlying message, too (more so the part about seizing the day, not pimpin’).

For anyone feeling a little light on in the street cred department, Drake’s here to school you. Acronyms 101: YOLO! You only live once. A little something we like to try to keep in mind when big decisions come knocking. In the short term, give it a shot as we head into the weekend – you can start by snapping up that Saveus piece you’ve been umming and ahhing over.

Before we sign off for the weekend; our Facebook family is soooo close to 1500, that we can smell it. Nothing would be sweeter than seeing that number tick over come Monday morning….hint, hint!

You only live once, that’s the motto, n***a – YOLO!

Blog lovin’

In recognition of their commitment to style (and Saveus!), this day shall henceforth be known as “Zapatos Thursday.”

We adore this autumn snapshot, featuring our very own Sovereign Stand Collar Blouse. You simply must make this shirt your winter staple; guaranteed to carry you from the office to Sunday brunch – and beyond! They say that imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, and Saveus is just itching to recreate this look. Our Sovereign Stand Collar + Gossip Vest + Triad Drop Pants or Midnight Peggings = one knockout, Zapatos-inspired outfit.

If you’re not already familiar with this Sydney-based fashion blog, then it’s time you were introduced. We anticipate big things from these fashionable up-and-comers. Head over to the Zapatos Facebook page for a glimpse of what we’re on about.

For all those hankering to “get the look,” but not so keen on bracing the cold, jump online at one of our favourite retailers: The Grand Social and THE ICONIC. Already out and about? Then swing by the Saveus Prism at Westfield Sydney for all of these key pieces, and more!


To make up for our online absence over Easter, we’ve decided to let you in on a little Saveus secret. Are you ready for it?…….

Nothing, and we mean nothing, can top the head-bopping, spirit-lifting, utterly irrepressible beat of ‘212.’ Since it first came to our attention a few months back, this tongue-in-cheek wonder has enjoyed non-stop rotation at Saveus HQ. Not once has it failed to will us forward; whether it’s up and out of bed after a late-night meeting, onwards through a lengthy product shoot, or, not surprisingly, onto the dance floor. With the Saveus Facebook family sitting pretty less than 50 fans shy of the big 1500, we’re hoping it’ll work its magic once more. In Azealia’s own words: why you procrastinate, girl? Get sharing!

Without further ado, we give you a Wednesday hump day offering like no other. It does come with a teensy language warning.

A rousing response.

Saveus shines in yet another press piece, this time from the Rouse Hill Times. As always, we commend the astute editorial team for recognising – and backing – their local talent. They may draw inspiration from the boundless sights and sounds of global culture, but our creative duo are forever Sydneysiders at heart. Make no mistake, this won’t be the last time you spot a glowing write-up on the brains behind Saveus, Jarred Baker and Karima Hazim.

Let’s not forget the Easter long weekend’s biggest news – our generous gifting of that cape. A huge congratulations to Maya Ivanovic, the proud new owner of the incomparable two-tone Empire Cape. Your winter promises to be steeped in style now that you can step out with this beauty resting comfortably on your shoulders.

Don’t be too downhearted if you missed out this time. Simply ‘like’ and share Saveus on Facebook to keep our family growing. Love Saveus, and we’ll love you right back.