Amy Winehouse.

Jarred and Karima were sitting at dinner while Karima was drawing a pattern onto the table cloth somewhere in District one of Saigon. You know, those restaurants where you can order an offensive sized plate of ribs, and get it all over your face and no one really cares? I digress… (The ribs rocked)

Anyway, the realisation that Amy Winehouse pretty much solidified the partnership and had not been played the whole month they’d lived in each others pockets shocked them.

The woman was such a talent, and the downward spiral, well… That was the most incredible waste of all.

RIP you poor lost soul. Thank you for being the soundtrack for the next few days, at the very least.

Tet holiday in HCMC

Vietnam comes to a complete stop and the greater city is a ghost town for 10 days to see in the Lunar New Year. It is the year of the Water Dragon.

What comes to life is the city centre. Vietnam is in bloom and the most resilient race in the world puts their dancing shoes on.

Party time.

Thank you to Hong and Bee for showing us a good time this Tet 2012.